The Rome City Commission  approved an increase in fines for parking violations during their first meeteing on the issue Monday.

Commissioner Evie McNiece said that the increase would go towards improving enforcement efforts, cleaner parking decks, and data collection, which was requested by downtown property owners.

The data will be collected will be collected over six months. Then in 12 months the commission will review the data and decisions will be made to where to go from there.


Rome City Commissioners will take a look at increasing parking violation fines this week.

The commission is expected to explore of the idea of increasing a second violation fine $5, from $10 to $15.

A third offense will go to $25 from $20,  the next offense would go from $30 to $40, the next $40 to $50 followed by $80 to $100 and any addional would be a $200 fine.

A first offense will still result in just a written warning.

There would also be increases in the fines for parking in a prohibited location or zone and a fine of $25 would be implemented for a license plate that is not visible.

This week will only be a first reading, meaning no motions will be taken.