Joseph Lee Costlow, 35 of Lindale, was arrested this week after he was allegedly found heavily intoxicated at his home on Ave D acting indecent and using profane language.

Reports added that Costlow then engaged in a physical altercation where he threw a female to the ground.

He then proceeded to bite a male three times on his chest before turning his attention to another man where he allegedly hit him in the face.

When police arrived they stated that they located marijuana and a glass smoking pipe at the scene.

Once in custody police said that Costlow began to hit his head repeatedly against the patrol vehicle’s window while resisting officers.

Jail deputies said that when he arrived he solicited two female officers asking them to perform sodomy on him, stating “suck my d**k”.

Costlow is charged with disorderly conduct, public drunk, obstruction of police, interference with government property, battery, aggravated battery, possession of drug related objects, possession of marijuana and solicitation of sodomy.