Anheuser-Busch paused beer production today to produce emergency water cans at its Cartersville GA Brewery, after exhausting existing stocks due to high demand for clean, safe drinking water following 2018 hurricanes and wildfires.  This was an unscheduled production run to ensure the company can move quickly with further donations for any future needs or natural disasters.

Further background:

  • A-B has provided 800,000 cans – or 16 truckloads – of emergency drinking water so far in 2018.
  • Throughout the year, the Cartersville, Georgia brewery schedules periodic pauses of beer production to can drinking water.
  • You might have seen the Cartersville Brewery and its real employees featuring in Budweiser’s 2018 Super Bowl commercial about the water donation program, here:
  • Since 1988, Anheuser-Busch and its wholesaler partners have provided nearly 80 million cans of water to U.S. communities affected by natural disasters nationwide.

Bill Bradley, Vice President, Community Affairs at Anheuser-Busch,  “Recent donations to disaster relief efforts have depleted our inventory of emergency drinking water. We need to be ready to help next time the Red Cross requests our assistance. We’ve made a commitment to be there for American communities in times of need, and we are following through on that promise.”