A complainant said her intoxicated boyfriend Lynyrd Combs slapped her with an open hand, continued to hit her, and struck their baby several times at their residence on Richards Road in White on Friday night over an argument over Combs spanking the baby too hard. She said she kicked Combs in the nose, got into her vehicle with her child, and left.

A deputy observed her to have a red swollen left side of her face and the child with a bruise over his left eye.

After not answering his phone or the door at his residence, a deputy entered and found Lynyrd Combs with small cuts under both eyes. He stated that his girlfriend began hitting him first with her fist and during the altercation accidently hit the child while his girlfriend was holding the child.

Due to the fact that Lynyrd Combs never attempted to call 911 to report an assault and not answering phone or the door when law enforcement tried to get in contact with him, he was arrested for two counts of battery and one count of cruelty to children in the third degree.