On September 23,  Gordon County Sheriff’s detectives initiated an investigation into allegations of child molestation and statutory rape said to have occurred at a private residence near the Dews Pond community within the last few days.

The case involves a 13 year old female victim. Witnesses were interviewed and electronic image evidence was collected. Detectives subsequently arrested Dustin Dakota Copeland, age 19, of a Chatsworth, Georgia address on September 24th. Copeland has been charged with Aggravated Child Molestation, Statutory Rape, and Aggravated Sexual Battery.

Additionally, and in connection to this same case, detectives arrested William Taylor Dutton, age 27, of 109 Jeep Street, Apt 8, Calhoun. Dutton has been charged with Furnishing Obscene Material to a Minor in connection with the electronic transmission of lewd images to a juvenile. Both defendants are awaiting judicial proceedings.