Trion Police Chief Jason Kellett has resigned his position.

No word at this time as to the reasons being given for Chief Kellett’s resignation.

The Trion Police Chief’s position is one of several that the Trion Town Council will be looking to fill.  Just last week the Trion Town Council voted to shift the responsibility of hiring and firing employees to the council from the mayor but would still involve the mayor in the process.  Previously, the Mayor could hire of fire an employee, but only with the Trion Town Council’s approval.  Trion Town Attorney Albert Palmour told WZQZ News recently that the council was within in their authority in making that policy change.

Mayor Stansell angrily told the Town Council after the vote to change the policy that he would no longer participate in the hiring or firing process saying “I don’t care what the council wants.”  We will have more information on the resignation of Chief Kellett as information becomes available.

From AM 1180