Euharlee Police and Bartow County deputies responded to a domestic dispute on Old Stilesboro Road in Cartersville late last week.

A complainant said Richard Poore became irate that she had let her children move in with them. She said Richard was heavily intoxicated. She said at one point, they left the residence and drove a short distance down the road. They pulled to the side of the road and Richard began physically assaulting her. A deputy observed her lip was busted and swollen. Another deputy observed muddy clothes that she was wearing at the time of the incident.

She said she was able to leave Richard and return to the residence. Once there, she said Richard broke a bedroom window and climbed through. Once inside, Richard began trying to attack everyone. During the altercation, Richard struck an autistic victim underneath his right eye, causing visible redness and a little swelling. The complainant said that Richard also pushed another victim in the stomach.

One of the witnesses corroborated the story.

Richard admitted to a deputy that he broke the window, but denied attacking anyone.

As he was being escorted to a patrol car, Richard yelled that he would burn the house down and kill everyone inside.

He was charged with cruelty to children in the first degree, terroristic threats and acts, battery, simple battery, and criminal trespass.

From WBHF radio