Chattooga County deputies recently responded to a hang up call to Chattooga 911.  When deputies arrived at the Lake Wanda Rita Road residence where the call came from, a female said that two men had been using methamphetamine inside the residence.

One of the men had already left for work by the time the officers arrived, and when they spoke with the other man they found him in a bedroom.  Officers said that the bedroom smelled of marijuana smoke.  Inside the room, the deputies found suspected methamphetamine residue on a paper towel that was on the bed.  When questioned, the man told deputies that another man that lives at the residence had a glass pipe with meth that he had taken to work with him. When asked about a spoon on a dresser in the room, the man quickly told the deputies that he “didn’t shoot meth.  He smoked meth.”

The deputies went to the other man’s workplace to speak with him.  When asked if he had anything illegal, the man at first told the deputies, “no.”  He later said that he had a glass pipe but had broken the pipe on the ground when he saw the deputies coming.  Deputies searched the man but found nothing.  When asked if he had anything illegal in his vehicle, the man told officers that he did and that the glass pipe was actually in his car – along with an “8-ball” of meth.

Deputies also found digital scales and a knife blade in the vehicle.

Forty-nine-year-old Jimmy White was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug related objects.

From AM 1180