Exciting things are happening for Rome City Schools as the College and Career Academy begins to take shape among Rome High School’s campus.

Louis Byars, Rome City Schools Superintendent and Holly Amerman, CEO of Rome City Schools College and Career Academy and CTAE Director, are beyond excited for the progress that is taking place, as well as the multiple opportunities being offered to students through this expansion.

“There are still some minor things we are working to adjust, but as far as the pathways we are going to offer within the academy, those have already been established,” explained Byars. “When we open up the building in 2020, we will already have established programs with students in each program, as it takes three years to go through each pathway. As the building is being built, we will continue to add more pathways,” said Byars.

Currently, RHS hosts 16 pathways with marketing and construction forthcoming once the CCA is constructed. RMS currently hosts five pathways. With the completion of the new building, Amerman and Byars are expecting around a total of 25 in the year 2020-21.

Some of the facility improvements that will be offered at the new College and Career Academy is a field for the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, engineering, audio and visual with graphics arts, public safety with fire and police training, pre-law, culinary arts, Family and Consumer Science, automotive, Agriculture with a focus on veterinary medicine, construction, medical with a concentration on sports medicine, manufacturing with a focus on robotics and more. They also plan on continuing to add that list.

Amerman’s favorite feature of the College and Career Academy are the classrooms. “We are going to do everything in our power to make the rooms look as little like classrooms and as much like the real work environment for our pathways,” said Amerman.

“For instance, our Early Childhood/Teaching as a Profession room will have a mock kindergarten classroom room in it complete with small tables, chairs, and even centers, for students to practice their lessons in befor

they go to their internships. The Automotive lab will look and feel just like a real auto shop. The culinary kitchen will be a fully functional industrial kitchen, etc.…,” explained Amerman.

The overall goal of the College and Career Academy is to help shine a positive light on the students at Rome as well as the multiple opportunities that they have to succeed while still in high school. “Students will have the opportunity to earn dual-enrollment credits which will put them ahead of their peers at graduation with certificates and, in some cases, possibly two-year diplomas, right out of high school,” said Amerman.

Amerman and RCS’s overarching goal for the CCA is for students to “find a home not only within the school, but also see a future for themselves as an active member of the workforce in Rome City/Floyd County and to truly prepare them for “college or work” as our mission statement says. We want our community to help us with this effort by providing mentoring programs, internships and shadowing opportunities for our students. We believe that by doing this, we will improve our community overall.”