This past school year, we sat down with a few of Rome City Schools’ rising stars, the kindergarten class that will graduate in 2030. Tiny students have big dreams and, if these students stay the course, the world will be a better place because of their contributions. If folks have never stopped to speak to these little tikes in the hallways of their elementary school, they are missing out. Lucky for us, these bright and ambitious youngsters opened their world and invited us all to take a peek inside.

“I want to be a teacher because I want to teach kids about Earth Day. The earth is in grave danger and that is why. My family members are my heroes because they help me fold the clothes, they buy me new stuff and they wash dishes and make me nice ham and cheese sandwiches. What I like to do here at West End is have fun with my friends and do some science and a little bit of math.”—Maddy Ratledge

“I want to be a firefighter when I grow up because you get to save people. My dad is my hero because he is strong and he plays with us in the yard. My favorite subject is to be with Ms. Hyman and learn about math. In math we get to learn the answer to hard questions.”—Andrew Sandi

“I want to be a basketball player when I grow up because I like to move a lot and I’m really fast so I think I am going to be good for the team. My dad is my hero because he plays basketball with me and he sometimes plays video games with me. Science is my favorite subject because I also want to be a scientist when I grow up. I love science because you get to do a lot of fun stuff.”—Aiden Holdbrooks

“I am going to be a teacher when I grow up so that I can teach kids and they can get smart. My mom is my hero because when I need help with something she tries to help me. She also gives me yummy food. I love reading because it helps me read.”—Ashfa Kalavant

“I want to be a storyteller when I grow up. I want to tell stories and tell people what happens in them. My whole family are my heroes because they help me do stuff and when I am sick they help me get better. My favorite subject at West End is math. I like learning new stuff in math and I like counting a lot.”—Brinton Kilgore

“I will be a doctor when I grow up. When people get sick someone needs to make them feel better. My dad is my hero because he protects me from danger and he makes sure that I feel good. Science is my favorite subject because you can plant things and look at stuff with magnifying glasses.”—Emily Belteton