A Summerville man was arrested twice in one day after an incident at Modern Quick on Commerce Street.

Police say that fifty-year-old Terry McArther Adams went into the store to purchase some beer and cigarettes, but his debit card was declined.  The store clerk reported to police that Adams opened one of the beers and began to drink it.  The clerk asked Adams again to pay for the beer and not to drink it in the store.  Adams refused and left the store with the beer.  Police later found Adams in a storage unit drinking the beer.

Adams was taken to jail on shoplifting, disorderly conduct and consumption of alcohol on premises charges, but was released on bond.

About three hours later, the same evening, Adams was back at the Modern Quick store.  This time, Adams came back to argue with the store clerk about calling the cops on him earlier that evening.

Adams was arrested again for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

The Summerville Police advised the Modern Quick store to take out a restraining order on Mr. Adams to keep him off the property.

From AM 1180