This past school year, we sat down with a few of Rome City Schools’ rising stars, the kindergarten class that will graduate in 2030. Tiny students have big dreams and, if these students stay the course, the world will be a better place because of their contributions. If folks have never stopped to speak to these little tikes in the hallways of their elementary school, they are missing out. Lucky for us, these bright and ambitious youngsters opened their world and invited us all to take a peek inside.

“I am going to be a police officer when I grow up because I want to take bad guys to jail. My mom is my hero because I love her, and she helps me to read she helps me to tie my shoes. I like to paint here at school because I like to paint flowers. Flowers are my favorite things to do.”—Niveyah Garrett

“I am going to be a programmer when I grow up. I want program games because I like to play them. I like games like Zelda. My mom is my hero because she helps me to write. She also helps me color. My favorite thing to do at school is recess. At recess, I can play.”—Dominic Hernandez

“I am going to be a ballerina because you start out doing really easy dances and then it gets really hard. Batgirl is my hero because she saves the world. Math is my favorite subject because I get to figure out the numbers. I really like addition.”—Briella Smith

“I want to be a firefighter because when somebody’s house is burning down I can help them and they can have a good family. My hero is my mom because when I am scared she helps me and if someone hurts me she will always be right there. She is funny, too. I like to do math because when I get to first grade I will know everything.”—Jaleah Jester

“I want to be a doctor when I grow up. Because when you are a doctor you get really educational and you get a lot of money. I also want to help people with their ears. My favorite hero is my mom because she takes care of

me and she is a really great mom. She cooks and washes my clothes and reads me bedtime stories. I really like math and the reason I like it is because it really helps me think about things. It helps me to be smart.”—Allyah Lo

“I want to be married when I grow up, but my job will be a policeman. When robbers try to steal some money from the bank I am going to arrest them and put them in jail. Batman is my hero because he has bat rings and he throws them at the bad guys. I like to learn math at school because it helps me to count money.”—Kentrell Dobbins