A Bartow County deputy met with a complainant at TA on 981 Cassville White Road earlier this week after a woman called 911 crying.

Reports said that the woman stated that when she arrived at her home on Folsom Glade Road in Rydal at 6:45 p.m. that night. Her husband, Joshua Tims, was home and angry with her for not having his dinner cooked. He yelled at her. He left and came back.

She already made salad. He got angry again and took the salads out of the refrigerator and threw them on the kitchen floor. He said “I’m going to make my own “f’ing” stuff. I want you to be home and have my dinner ready at six o’clock.”

She told him she was going to leave then. He then grabbed her, put her over his knees sideways, and told her to eat the food off of the floor. He took the back of her head and she thought he was going to force her so she started eating the food off of the floor.

He let her up. He pushed her against the refrigerator and grabbed her by the neck and said “Don’t you ever tell me you’re going to leave again.”

One of their two juvenile children walked in and saw him holding her against the refrigerator. He threw the trash on the floor and kicked the trash can. Then he cleaned up the food and trash. She was in fear of calling 911. He slammed her keys on the table and told her to leave.

The two children were ready to leave with her. He told them no. He asked the daughter if she wanted to leave. She said yes. He picked up a belt, folded it, and started slapping himself with it.

He asked the son and the son said yes. He got in the son’s face. He told the son to pull his pants down because he believes he needs an “a** whooping”. He then told them all to leave, but without their cell phones.

She left with the children but left her phone. She drove to the Adairsville Police Department and then to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office to make a report. She said Joshua had been physical with her in the past year but she never reported it.

She showed a deputy marks on the front of her neck that could be consistent with someone grabbing her. She was speaking clearly and did not need or seek medical attention.

The deputy met with the daughter who was crying and visibly upset and said the following:

She walked into kitchen and saw stuff on the floor. Joshua said to her “eat the food off of the floor or go to your room.” He was in his wife’s face by the refrigerator and counter.

The deputy then met with the son who said the following:

He was in his room and heard yelling and a thud. He went in the living room and tried to talk his dad down. His dad told them all to leave.

The deputy relocated to the residence. The deputy met with Joshua, who said he had nothing to say.

Based on the physical marks on his wife and the statements from her and her children, the deputy arrested Joshua for battery, simple battery, and two counts of cruelty to children in the third degree. He was transported to the jail without incident.

From WBHF radio