Shaw Industries Group, Inc. (Shaw) has achieved carbon neutrality in its
commercial carpet manufacturing operations. The achievement encompasses all commercial
carpet manufacturing facilities that Shaw owns and operates globally, including those for
Patcraft, Philadelphia Commercial, Shaw Contract and STS.

“At Shaw, we believe in creating a better future. We understand the challenges of climate
change are global in scale and require a global response. No one company can solve problems
at this scale by itself, but we can each contribute to an effort that enables all of us to create a
wave of change for the better,” notes Tim Conway, vice president of sustainability for Shaw’s
commercial division. “What we manufacture and the spaces our clients design make an impact.
By reducing Shaw’s carbon footprint, we reduce the impact of what we create together.”
Shaw achieved carbon neutrality across its commercial carpet operations by first reducing its
energy consumption, then switching to cleaner fuels; producing renewable energy at its own
facilities; and incentivizing additional renewable energy development and usage through the
purchase of renewable energy credits. These efforts include installing a 1 MW solar array atop
its carpet tile manufacturing facility in Cartersville, Ga. in 2013.

Companywide, Shaw’s greenhouse gas emissions have improved approximately 25 percent
compared to 2010 and the company has a target of reducing both the amount of energy it uses
and the amount of GHG emissions it produces by 40 percent by 2030 (per pound of finished

“This is just one of a series of actions we have taken and will continue to take in line with our
overall sustainability strategy and corporate vision,” states Troy Virgo, director of sustainability
and product stewardship at Shaw. “We all have an important role in creating a better future, and
with every decision, every thought and every action, we’re working toward even better solutions.
The steps we take matter for people and the planet.