Rome Police released its latest traffic numbers this week, which saw the number of accidents and injuries decrease dramatically from last year.

Reports said that year to date in 2017 there were 819 accidents compared to 744 this year.

The number of injuries went from 257 last year to 225 this year.

However, the number of fatalities went from 1 last year to 2 this year.

The number of DUI arrest also decreased from 109 last year to 101 this year.

The total number of traffic cases went from 4,798 in 2017 to 3,919 this year.

Reports stated that traffic accident causes were listed at 66 for following too closely, 35 for failure to yield, 30 for improper lane change, 5 each for running a stop sign and DUI with 11 listed as other.

Monday was listed as the day with most accidents occurring.

The spot with the most accidents in Rome was the Shorter/Redmond Circle intersection with 9 accidents.  The Turner McCall/Riverside was next with 7, followed by Martha Berry at Veterans with 6 wreck each.