A child was recently injured during a domestic dispute at a family cookout at a residence on Edgewood Road in Cartersville.  Reports said that two sister-in-laws threw beer at each other. One of them, Christian Shullaw of Cartersville, then threw a glass at the other but missed and hit the intended target’s daughter in the face, who was sitting in a stroller.

The girl had a small cut to the right side of her forehead, a cut to her right shoulder, a small cut to her left ring finger, and a small cut to the left side of her stomach. She also had a lot of blood all over her face, neck, and hands.

Bartow County EMS was dispatched to the scene and advised that the girl was going to be OK with several small cuts.

Bartow County deputies arrested Christian Shullaw for two counts of aggravated assault, cruelty to children in the first degree, and simple battery.

From WBHF radio