This past weekend’s “A Night to Remember: An Adult Prom” raised an estimated $40,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association and local dementia-related needs.

Funds will be presented to the Alzheimer’s Association at the walk in October and will also help fund some other dementia-related needs for our community.

Some of the event highlights included:
– Most attendees ever at 650
– Most sponsors ever
– 8-member Prom Court competitively fundraised for the cause – group included me, Erin Hight, Mindy Hubenthal, Jeanie Paige McWhorter, Ghee Wilson, Rob Byars, Bryan Mullins and Bryan Johnson (bio info can be found here).
– Prom Queen (Tannika Wester) raised over $18,000
– Prom King (Ghee Wilson) raised over $5,000
This is the fourth year for the event and it’s unique in that it is completely volunteer run. There is no sponsoring organization with a staff to do the work.