The Rome City Alcohol Control Commission recommended fines this week for numerous stores after a sting targeting 20 stores and restaurants resulted in three selling to a minor.

Circle K at 2221 Shorter Avenue received only a letter of warning. Manager Lisa Ward told the commission about her stores extensive training program, signage, cash registers that require a date of birth to ring the sale and the loss of her monthly bonus.

The clerk that sold the alcohol was also terminated from employment.

Two other stores received stiffer penalties.  The Exxon/Heli Food Mart at 1928 Shorter Avenue and Morelos Supermarket at 1931 Shorter Avenue were hit with $500 fines.

Both stores were also told to provide evidence of training and point-of-sales equipment improvements at the ACC’s next meeting.

This marked the first ACC meeting where is board was an all-citizen board.

The ACC also approved a new beer pouring license at Moroleon Mexican Restaurant, 1802B Redmond Circle, and pouring licenses for beer, wine and liquor at Duke’s Rome at 313 Broad St.