The Georgia Athletic Director’s Association (GADA) has developed a scoring system, called the Regions Bank Director’s Cup, to rank athletic departments in the state. Using a scoring system crafted in the fall of 1997-98, the GADA Board worked with their representatives to model a system similar to the NCAA’s Sears Director’s Cup. Based on a school’s success in sports like baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis and wrestling the GADA tracks teams in three categories: performances for boys, girls and the entire athletics program.

Rome City Schools has shown major improvements in all sports under the direction of John Reid, Head Football Coach and Athletic Director for Rome City Schools, pushing Rome City Schools’ athletics into the top 10 overall in Class 5A competition.

Currently, the boy’s program ranks 3rd, the girls stand in 20th position and Rome Athletics ranks 6th among teams statewide in Class 5A.

Things get even more interesting for the Wolves when looking at the Director’s Cup region rankings. Rome’s boys top the list at number one in the region, with the girls following closely at number three, giving Rome Athletics a 2nd place overall ranking in Region 7.

When taking a look at the 2014-2015 school year Rome ranked 65th overall, with the boys sitting at 49th and girls 70th in Class 5A.

Region Director’s Cup standings for 2014-2015 placed Rome in 11th spot and boys topped out at 9th place with the girls trailing in 12th position.

Joining other programs in Georgia, like Buford, Starr’s Mill and McIntosh, Rome has created a culture of excellence in sports across the board. Reid and his team are laying the groundwork for Rome City Schools’ athletics to be competitive for years to come.

“This is a really big accomplishment for our athletic department. This ranking system is always a battle between schools who have historically been powerhouses in sports in the state of Georgia,” Reid said. “I always want our school to pay attention to this ranking because I think it is a great indicator of how well your school is functioning.”

Reid explained to build healthy academic, arts and athletics programs, all must be successful. Athletics, he said, is one of the areas of focus that can certainly drive improvements throughout the school.

“We did a study on our school system when I arrived and we were not doing well in athletics. I am very proud that we now are at the top of the list in our region and I can see the culture changing in all areas of Rome City Schools,” he said.

Rome Athletics has bounced around the top of the Class 5A overall ranking, reaching as high as number two after the winter break. As spring sports compete, the results will change. However, Rome has held steady at the top in Region 7.

“We were in the fifty to sixty range five years prior to our 2015-2016 season,” Reid said. “In our schools, we have people who are involved with the arts and athletics and, of course, everyone is academically invested in our programs. For example, we have soccer players who are 4.0 students and play in the band. So, we want to be excellent in all areas. Having great morale and being proud of your school is important to every aspect of education. We are happy to see the results of a lot of hard work.”


Purpose The purpose of the Regions Bank Directors Cup is to recognize those athletic departments in all GHSA classifications who have excelled and shown superior performance.

The Award Since the 1999-2000 school year, the GADA has presented this award annually. Award-winning schools will receive a Regions Bank Directors Cup Trophy and a Wall Banner. Beginning with the 2002-2003 school year, the award will be presented to the top male program, top female program, and top overall program in each classification.

Scoring Structure Twenty-five GHSA sports will be counted in the standings each school year. Each school’s eight highest

scoring sports for each gender shall be counted in the Regions Bank Directors Cup Standings. Co-ed sports have been categorized based on majority number of participants.

There are no ties for cup winners. In the event of a points tie a winner will be determined by the number of championships won. Then by the number of runners up in championships (if needed). Then by third places (if needed) etc…