Rome High School hosted the Federal Programs Annual Stakeholder Meeting in the RHS cafeteria on April 5, 2018. Representatives from higher education, mental health professions, law enforcement, local businesses, non-profits, faith-based organizations, School Board Members, teachers, students and many more attended a meeting dedicated to connecting the school to community resources and finding ways to improve strategic plans.

“This evening we will talk with our stakeholders from many different community organizations. However, this meeting is open to the public. We encourage our parents to come out and be part of a discussion involving all of our federal programs. We are seeking input, so that we can develop our District Improvement Plan for this year,” said Dr. Dawn Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Rome City Schools.

Dr. Williams hopes different perspectives from stakeholders will come out of round table discussions about everything from Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports and school technology programs, to special education and student health.

“This year we are approaching the meeting a little differently than we have in the past. We usually hold the meeting in the board room at Central Office and the group was smaller,” Dr. Williams explained. “This year we wanted to hold the meeting in a larger space and target more of our community stakeholders. We want to initiate the open dialogue between Rome City Schools and the community.”

RCS is also open to the idea of holding multiple events during the school year and inviting stakeholders, further increasing the amount of data they collect. All administrators presenting had one goal: improving Rome City Schools for parents and students.

After administrators gather feedback, the information will be available for those who could not attend on the Rome City Schools website. Interested partners can see the District Improvement Plan released later this year.