The City of Rome and Floyd County police departments are working together to increase safety in the downtown parking decks and Town Green. Officers are assigned to patrol the decks and Town Green in order to identify and correct criminal behavior and damage. The extra patrol has been in action for the past month and offenders have been charged or warned. Effective today the departments will be taking a zero tolerance approach for offenders.

As a reminder the City of Rome has an ordinance prohibiting skateboarding in the downtown area. Parents are encouraged to monitor where their youth are socializing and to remind them about the consequences of criminal behavior or damage to property. Parents of juveniles will be contacted and required to take custody of their youth. Parents of repeat offenders will be held accountable for the actions of the juveniles. Loitering in the decks or after hours at the Town Green will also be enforced.

With the school year coming to a close soon and the weather becoming warmer, the City of Rome welcomes more activity in the downtown area. However, everyone should feel safe and free to enjoy the area. Criminal behavior and damage interferes with the rights of law abiding citizens who are simply trying to enjoy Rome’s Downtown and will not be tolerated.

The City of Rome and Floyd County Police Department’s thank you in advance for cooperating with this effort.