Rome City Schools voted on and passed two key restructuring efforts during the April 10, 2018 caucus session. Dr. JoAnn Moss and Ms. Tonya Wood will take new positions at Central Office starting for 2018-19 school year.

Dr. Moss, an educator since 1966, began her career in Rome City Schools and has served at the elementary and middle school levels. After leaving RCS in 1969, she was rehired in 1983 as a teacher at West Rome Jr. High School.

Currently, she is the Principal of Elm Street Elementary where she has helped to connect the school to community partners for the past 18 years. Assisting in the implementation of programs designed to enhance the educational experience of students at Elm Street has been her strength. Many of these programs, like PAWSitive kids, Sugar Kids Beauty and Elm Street’s Tiny Home Project, would not be possible without the help and resources provided by key partnerships brokered by Dr. Moss and the educators who work alongside her.

Elm Street is also a STEM certified school, using robotics, virtual reality and other tech related curriculum to give students a head start in a rapidly growing field of study.

Dr. Moss will serve at Central Office as Director of Development and Special Programs. In her new role, she will explore partnerships and opportunities for technology based projects in order to form new community relationships that help to serve the students of Rome City Schools. Part of her focus will also be program development for the new sixth-grade STEAM Academy.

North Heights Principal, Tonya Wood, will also take on a new role at Central Office. After teaching in Bartow County, Wood was hired by Rome City Schools as Assistant Principal of East Central and Southeast Elementary in 2000. In 2004, she became Principal at East Central Elementary until filling her current role as Principal of North Heights Elementary in 2011.

As Grant Coordinator for Rome City Schools, Wood will work with the 21st Century Grants, in order to help the entire system find new ways to fund special projects. Wood was instrumental in the success of North Heights becoming STEM certified and will assist with other STEM grants across the system.

Referring to the promotions, Superintendent Louis Byars indicated that their hard work and dedication made both Moss and Wood very deserving of their recent promotions.

“Dr. Moss has tremendous leadership skills and has a broad range of experience in not only school leadership, but community leadership as well. She will be a valuable asset as a Central Office administrator as we move forward with many of our future projects and plans.”

“Ms. Wood has always shown strong leadership abilities,” said Byars. “I look forward to working with her as she applies those leadership skills to the Central Office level.