Floyd County Officials recently spoke in the latest development of the dog park that is being built in Floyd County.

County Manager Jamie McCord stated that Kevin Cowling, Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation Director,
and Jason Broome, P.A.W.S director, are moving pretty quick on the project. The fencing cost estimates
are ranged, $7,000.00 to $15,000.00 based on the current layout. The $7K-$15K is if they decide to self-preform or if they outsource, if the self-preform is around $7K, if they outsource its $15K.

A camera system is $500.00-$700.00, access control, which is the key fob system. They probably would be closer to $1,000-$1,400.00. Dog bag receptacles, water fountains, signs, are the basics that have to be done. If they self-perform everything it can be done for $17,000.00- $18,000.00, if they outsource some of the things, like the fencing, they are looking at around $33,000.00. there are a few optional things such as wash stations, leash racks, agility equipment. City Commissioner Evie McNiece asked if the fence would be the type with vinyl coating.

County Manager Jamie McCord stated they priced it both ways, Mr. Cowling was persistent that they go with ball field quality, 9 gauge, and vinyl coating to match the theme of the park. They think five (5) foot fencing is appropriate, it is cheaper than six (6) foot and six looks so institutional. He presented a preliminary layout and stated 25,000 square feet would be allotted to Zone A, 28,000 square for Zone B, and 7,500 square feet for the small dog area.

The areas have adequate shade as it stands with the current trees, they were thinking that they could put the benches in under the shaded areas where people can relax. He stated they were ready to start the project unless the committee had any other input or feedback. He stated there was adequate opportunity for fund raising for improvements, and enhancements to this, but they are right at budget, if not a little short for the whole thing. Mayor Jamie Doss asked how close the fencing would be to the trail. County Manager Jamie McCord stated that it was currently set at twenty-five (25) feet but could be moved farther. City Commissioner Evie McNiece asked what the feasibility of doing all the work in house would be. City Manager Sammy Rich stated it just depended what was going on, as far as workload. County Manager Jamie McCord stated that he believes it will be a mixed effort, he feels confident in the installation of the fence but would prefer the cameras and key fob system be outsourced. Mayor Doss asked there would be any events that would have to be relocated. County Manager Jamie McCord stated part of the project was looking at those things, Mr. Cowling told him that there would not be any interference with activities in the spot that was chosen. City Commissioner Wendy Davis stated that she spoke with Mr.Cowling about putting a “Friends of the Dog Park” group together, did they decide on that, or did the decide to use an existing group. It seems that they would be more successful in raising money for agility items if people were brought in early in the process rather than after the ribbon is cut.

County Manager Jamie McCord stated that he was open to anyone that wanted to organize any fundraising efforts for the dog park. City Commissioner Wendy Davis stated that there might be backlash at the key fob system, and was wondering if it would be possible to have pop-up parks in the city, all they would need is designated areas, signage, and dog waste receptacles. Mayor Jamie Doss asked if the size was in accordance with how many people will utilize the park. County Manager Jamie McCord stated that he could not predict that, the pop-up was very popular, they had over four (4) hours, and over 200 dogs.

Again, it was very highly publicized, they do not have one currently, and it is just hard to predict. He
stated that he had a conversation with Mr. Cowling about the fob system and Mr. Cowling told him he
had more issues with areas that did not have the system in place. There were more bite cases,
abandonment, and trouble in the parks that did not have key fobs. That did not mean that they can’t do
the pop up parks. The pop up at Riverside was totally non evasive, no waste left behind, and the next
day they could not tell it had been there.