Gifted education students from all schools in Floyd County gathered at Berry College on Tuesday and Wednesday for their annual Academic Quiz Bowl Competition.  Area fifth graders competed in the elementary division on Wednesday for first, second, or third place honors while the sixth, seventh and eighth grade students competed on Thursday.

The Academic Quiz Bowl is a county-wide academic competition that was started 16 years ago to bring all Floyd County gifted students together to compete in academics. Fifth-grade gifted students in Floyd County Schools participate in the elementary division. The students compete in academic areas of math, science, vocabulary, spelling, trivia, literature, and geography.

After nine rounds of competition Armuchee Elementary  took first place honors for the elementary division with Johnson Elementary following with second place and Model Elementary taking third place honors.  The Floyd County middle schools will arrive on Wednesday for their competition. Each school brings a team of Kaleidoscope students who have qualified to be on the Quiz Bowl Team to represent their school.  The Middle School results were as follows:

6th grade winners- Armuchee Middle School

7th grade winners- Coosa Middle School

8th grade winners- Model Middle School

The Middle School Competition also issues overall winners for all three grade levels.  The winners were:

1st- Model Middle School

2nd (Tie) –  Armuchee Middle School and Coosa Middle School

3rd – Pepperell Middle School

The quiz bowl competitions promote student academic growth in problem solving, critical thinking, communication skills, and advanced research skills. The activities also promote leadership and provide motivation for students to excel in academics. The quiz bowls are local school system events with no region or state competitions. McCall Govignon, Director of Advanced Academic Programs for Floyd County Schools, considers this type of academic program important for elementary and middle school children.

“Academic competitions, like the quiz bowl, give these children the opportunity to shine and display their talents,” Govignon said. “The academic event also better prepares students for participating in academic decathlon competitions at the high school level.”

Mrs. Govignon also thanked Berry College for being a community partner with this endeavor.  “Berry continues to be a wonderful community partner and a supporter of our county’s academic endeavors.  We appreciate their continued support!”

See more photos from the event here:

(Contributed by Judy Roebuck)