The Rome-Floyd Planning Department announces that the former GIS site has been replaced with a parcel viewer provided by Atlas Geographic Data Inc. To access the new site simply visit, and select the “GIS” link under the dropdown for “Online Services”.

During the past two weeks, Atlas employees have coordinated with the Planning/GIS Department, IT Department, and administrative staff to provide a replacement for the former GIS site, which has been operating on a temporary platform after software glitches crashed the system in January.

The new website is the first step in a process to provide more geographic data to the community with improved capability, response time, and information. Work is currently underway to tailor applications within the new GIS platform to expand functionality for identifying water and sewer lines, voting districts and other special functions as needs arise.

Since the new GIS site is more robust with new features and tools, the Planning Department will hold training sessions. These sessions are open to the public and will be publicized once the dates are confirmed.

For questions related to the GIS software, contact the planning office at 706-236-5025.