A woman called law enforcement to her residence after puncturing her boyfriend’s head with a battery-powered hand drill.

Bartow County deputies arrived at a residence on Retreat Ridge in Cartersville on Saturday morning and found the boyfriend in a bedroom with blood coming from the left side of his head. While upset and crying, the victim told a deputy that Kirsten Amber Lane attacked him and hit him on the side of his head with a drill and drill bit while it was spinning. Once EMS cleaned the blood off the victim’s head, the deputy saw a swollen puncture wound just above and forward of his left ear.

The victim said that Lane couldn’t find her car keys, became angry, and accused him of hiding them because he caught her cheating on him the night before. The victim said he looked for the keys in his truck and after telling Lane he didn’t find them, she grabbed the drill and hit him. He said he was able to grab the drill and throw it on the ground, breaking the drill and the bit.

After that, he said Lane began taking his clothes out of the truck. When he retrieved his clothes, he said that Lane grabbed his hair, jerked his head down, and punched him in the face with a closed fist.

Bartow County deputies placed Kirsten Lane into custody and charged her with aggravated assault.

From WBHF Radio