Bartow County deputies arrested two people on Thursday night in connection with an assault which allegedly occurred at a residence on Pine Circle in Acworth early Tuesday morning.

An employee of Eagle Eye Repossessions went to the residence a little after 1:15 in order to pick up a vehicle. The employee stated that a white female and a white male went outside and started yelling at him thinking he was stealing the car.

The employee was explaining to them that he was repossessing the car when the man walked inside the house and went back out with a firearm. The man pointed the firearm towards the employee’s face and told him to unhook the vehicle and leave. The employee complied while the man continued to yell and threaten to kill him.

Deputies went to the residence and made contact with Amanda McDaniel. She said the white male was Dustin McDaniel. Amanda stated that Dustin did have a firearm but never pointed it at the employee. She told the deputies that Dustin had fled on foot after seeing them.

Deputies eventually arrested both. Dustin McDaniel was charged with terroristic threats and acts and obstructing law enforcement officers. Amanda McDaniel was charged with being a party to a crime.

From WBHF radio