An Adairsville teenager, Cullen Casey Schmidt, was sentenced to five years of probation after placing his iPhone camera in the girls locker room at Adairsville High School.

The sentence comes after Schmidt entered a guilty plea in Bartow Superior Court last month.

He must also pay restitution and serve 40 hours of community service.


Cullen Casey Schmidt, 17 of Adairsville, turned himself in to the Bartow County Jail this week after being charged with placing an iPhone camera inside girl locker room and restrooms at Adarisville High School.  Reports said that “several” videos of persons in the locker room and restroom were uncovered on the phone.

Schmidt is charged with six counts of eavesdropping and one count of sexual exploitation of a child, all felonies.

The sexual exploitation charge stemmed from one of the videos containing nudity of a minor.

Reports went on to say that one victim was captured changing clothes for class in the weight-training room restroom, and another victim’s exposed body part was recovered.

A third victim being recorded didn’t show nudity, but it did show her in her underwear.

Two victims were recorded changing clothes in the locker room.

A sixth victim, a teacher, was using the weight-training room restroom found the phone “affixed to the drain pipe”. She recovered it and turned it over to Principal Bruce Mulkey.

Officials said that the teen is no longer a student at Adairsville High School following the tribunal process.


A staff member at Adairsville High School found a hidden cell phone, which may have been planted in a locker room to capture images. After some
investigation, school officials located who they believe to be the owner of the phone.
The student has been removed from school and will proceed through the Bartow County School System disciplinary process. However, the Bartow County Campus Police are awaiting a search warrant to investigate the phone’s contents.
Possible criminal charges are pending based on the information received from the phone’s analysis.
On Friday, Feb. 26, the school’s administration personally called to inform the parents of the students who could have been directly affected by the incident. A parent meeting was held atAdairsville High School on Monday, Feb. 29, to address the situation and inform parents of thev ongoing process.
Superintendent Dr. John Harper said, “The Bartow County School System takes this situation very seriously. We will not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to protect our students and send a clear message that this kind of action is completely inappropriate.”