Emergency officials worked for hours on Tuesday to save the life of a Floyd County Water Department worker who became trapped in a trench while working on the shoulder of Shorter Avenue near Huffaker Road .

Shawn Michael Marie, 25, was trapped in the ditch for hours covered in dirt and water nearly to his waist.

According to Rome-Floyd County Fire Department Battalion Chief Gene Proctor, Marie  was doing utility work in a a 12-foot deep trench that he had dug with a backhoe.
He added that while working a semi-truck came by, rattled the ground and caused the dirt to move and slide down onto him.
Proctor added that it took hours to remove the victim due to the process of not wanting him to suffer any additionally injury.
He went on to say that rescue personnel were able to keep him hydrated, given oxygen, along with pain medication.
Marie was treated and released from a local hospital.