Rome police are continuing to investigate a shooting on Branham Avenue from Sunday night.

Reports said that 40 year-old Terangi Ayinde Mass, was shot five times as he ran from a gunman to a relative’s home.

Police said that Mass suffered gunshot wounds to each of his shoulders, twice in the hips and once in the elbow.

Mass, who was alert when police arrived, told them that a man started to shoot at him when he began to run.

One witness told authorities that he heard Mass and another man arguing about a football game. The suspect, who appeared upset, pulled out a gun and yelled “give it up!” It was then the witness said Mass ran towards a home and several shots were fired.

The witness said that the man then pointed the gun at him, before he ran away. He also told police that he saw the suspect flee in a small dark car that was driven by a woman.

Police took one man who matched the description into custody for questioning, but was later released without any charges.

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