Ater completing a series of environmental surveys, stakeholder and public meeings, and engineering studies on two corridors, the Georgia DOt has announced that Alternative 2B will be carried forward in preliminary plans and environmental studies for the Rome-Cartersville Development Corridor connecting US 411 with I75 in Bartow County.

So far, only the general corridors are identified for relative comparison of preliminary impacts and engineering factors. During the development of the preliminary plans, GDOT designers will be modifying the Alternative 2B alignment in response to some of the concerns raised by the public and stakeholders. In particular, residential displacements and industrial site impacts identified in comments submitted from the public have been reduced with new shifts since the open house on August 24, 2017.

“This project will be an important benefit not only for commuters traveling along the corridor, but for both the local community and the business communities and the people they serve in Floyd and Bartow counties,” said Russell R. McMurry, Commissioner, Georgia DOT. “By reviewing the constraints in the study area early in the process, we have been able to avoid many resources with the alignment already.”

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