A 33 year old Cedar Bluff woman has been arrested on charges of chemical endangerment involving a death, which is a Class C felony.  Sheriff Jeff Shaver informed WEIS Radio News that the case was presented to a grand jury earlier in the month by Chief Investigator Josh Summerford, and as a result Ciji Nicole White was indicted on the charges  The sheriff said the death occurred in November of last year and the investigators had been awaiting autopsy results before proceeding with the case; the deceased – who was stillborn at a Chattanooga hospital – tested positive for methamphetamine.

Sheriff Shaver said “We have made multiple arrests for chemical endangerment involving children, but I believe this is the first case in this judicial circuit in which someone has been charged with chemical endangerment involving a death.  This is a very tragic incident and we hope people take notice that it is unacceptable to use illegal drugs during a pregnancy.”

Sheriff’s Office investigators took White into custody Monday afternoon; she was booked in  at the Cherokee County Detention Center where she remains with bond set at $100,000.

From WEIS radio