Recently released docket records indicate that the Summerville Rent-A-Center filed a report of a stolen phone last week.
On the behalf of Rent-A-Center, complainant Kurri Tanner provided a deputy with a written statement, claiming that a customer ran off with a phone while Tanner had her back turned.

Tanner said she was showing the female customer various phones, and the woman decided on a purchase. Tanner left some of the other phones on the counter while she went to make a copy of the customer’s ID, but when she returned, the customer had taken off with one of the phones, a Samsung Galaxy S8, worth $683.

According to the report, the accused woman spoke with Tanner over the phone and in person and denied taking the phone, and said she thought that Tanner had put the S8 in their safe before she left. The deputy also called the woman, and was given the same account.

No surveillance video was supplied by Rent-A-Center as evidence. The investigation was ongoing when the report was received.