A Chattooga county womantold a county deputy that she believes her ex-boyfriend may have stolen her EBT card and birth certificate while she was incarcerated.

Last week, Angel Smith told a deputy that her EBT card and several other documents were missing including her birth certificate, ID, and Social Security card. Smith noted that her daughter’s Social Security Card and wallet were missing.

Smith told the deputy she believes her ex-boyfriend is responsible and stole at least some of the items. She claimed that she knew he had been using her EBT card while she was in jail since the card was used while she was jailed and he was the only other person who knew the PIN number to the card.

Smith stated she had been issued a new card since being released from jail, but she is still missing her birth certificate, and her Social Security cards. Smith did not know the whereabouts of her ex.

The case was active as of yesterday.