On Wednesday, October 25th, at least 30 female students were sent home early from Trion high school for being in violation of the school’s dress code policy.

The students in question were participating in “Out Of This World Day” for spirit week. Of the girls sent home, all of them were dismissed for the same reason: Wearing leggings.

One of the students that was sent home took to facebook to express her ill feelings towards the school administration and the way in which they handled this situation. She made it clear that she, and others, felt that this ruling was specifically aimed at girls and the way they dress and failed to hold young men accountable for their actions. She ended her post by using the hashtag “#IAmNotADistraction” The post got over 200 shares in less than 24 hours.

In light of the recent dress code fiasco within the Rome City School System, one has to wonder what will become of this issue at Trion. Parents, teachers, and students are becoming increasingly concerned with dress code issues in which girls are targeted and the expectations are not clearly communicated. This is especially concerning to some of those involved because there was an expectation of a relaxed dress code due to the spirit week themes.

We will have more info as it is made available.