Trion Middle School recently launched a campaign to increase the technology available to their students. The first new piece of hardware they want to obtain is a mobile laptop unit. They launched a Go Fund Me Account this past week in order to raise the money needed for this project.

Trion City School’s technology director Howard Hughes says, “The demands of a modern education dictate that students have easy access to computers nearly every minute of the school day. Currently, the student to computer ratio at Trion Middle School dictates that our students are not able to have this critical level of access. Our students are often faced with sharing computing devices, or in many cases, they are faced with going without individual classroom computer access all together. ”

You can click here to find a link to the “Go Fund Me” page for Trion Middle School.

Hughes says, “Your donation will have a direct impact toward increasing the technology access for our students at Trion Middle School, and will improve the chance of success for everyone of our students.”