Last Wednesday, United Community Bank reported to police that a man had been withdrawing from his late sister’s old bank account.

Around 4 PM, complainant Angie Cordell told the responding deputy that she needed to report someone using a deceased person’s account. Ms. Cordell said a man had been withdrawing money from his late sister who had past away in June.

Cordell said the bank was contacted by Social Security requesting money that had been deposited into Ms. Rowan’s account, but that they noticed some of the deposit and withdrawal dates did not add up. She stated that between July 24 and August 1, almost $1,100 had been withdrawn from Rowan’s account.

Ms. Cordell reportedly reviewed video footage near the ATM on a date of interest, and noticed a white male had withdrawn the money from the account, whose name she provided to the deputy.

She stated that the same man had cashed one of the late Rowan’s checks at the bank in February. Cordell stated that when the check was cashed, the man signed his name and that the bank also has his driver’s license number. Ms. Cordell stated said the man was Ms. Rowan’s brother.

From Chattooga 1180

The incident was turned over to an investigator.