Scammers are once again hitting the Cherokee County area however this time they’re using a twist we don’t see that often.

Instead of a random number they are using local telephone numbers from Cherokee County businesses and area residents.

In one instance, the caller says “This is Veronica and we’re calling about your credit card…”, which is merely an opening line to try to get you to talk about your card – which you should never do. We’ve had several reports of different angles being used by these con artists, and the bottom line is always the same – they’re trying to get their hands on your credit and/or debit card numbers, bank account numbers, and social security numbers, OR ANY personal, private information they can use in order to steal from you.

By using local numbers it increases their chances of having someone answer the phone.

If you don’t know a number, chances are you won’t answer; however if you recognize it as a friend, your bank, or a business you frequent, or say, the sheriff’s office – you’re more likely to answer.

Again, keep in mind just because you see a local number doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a local number. With today’s technology, scammers have the ability to disguise their number and make it appear as though they’re calling from anywhere they want you to think they’re calling from – even from your own number!

If you receive one of these calls, it looks as though we’re back to the good old fashioned way of dealing with it – and that is HANGING UP.