Police use the term Car-Hopping to describe when persons “hop” from car to car looking for unlocked cars by pulling on door handles, entering the car, stealing whatever looks important, and moving onto the next car.

Unknown persons entered into nine vehicles at eight residences within a mile of each other on Larsen Ridge, Washakie Lane, Clear Pass, Knight Drive, CCC Road, and Joe Frank Harris Parkway in Adairsville between September 24th and 25th and stole a pistol from one of them, 60 dollars from another, 20 dollars and a bottle of antidepressants from a third one, ten dollars from a fourth one, a diaper bag and a driver’s license from a fifth one, and a shotgun from a sixth one. Nothing of importance was taken from the other three. Seven of the nine vehicles were admittedly left unlocked. One of the other ones had the windows down.

From WBHF radio