Earlier this week, a local deputy responded to reports of a burglary in the Subligna area.

Elaine Grant claimed that she woke up and noticed that there were several items missing from around her house. These items included a guitar, multiple electronics, two paintings, and, perhaps most bizarre, a cookie jar.

Grant reported that she had a friend stay over the night before. When she asked him about the missing items, he denied having any knowledge of what happened to them despite being the only other person who had been there besides Grant herself.

The case is under further investigation.

n Monday, a local deputy responded to a residence on East Armuchee Road in Subligna to investigate a reported theft.

Complainant Elaine Grant claimed that she woke up to find several items missing from her home including a guitar, several electronics, a cookie jar, and two paintings.

Grant said that the night previous, a friend of hers had stayed the night. She called the friend to ask about the items, which he claimed not to have taken. However, Grant said no one else had been at the residence recently.

The case was under investigation as of yesterday.