Quite often, the Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association receives reports of issues and unfair practices that can harm both consumers and licensed dealers. The most common complaint received from both sides is about the illegal practice of Curbstoning (O.C.G.A. ยง 40-2-39.1).

For those of you who are not familiar, Curbstoning involves a person or persons who are regularly engaged in the business of buying and selling used automobiles for profit but without first meeting the minimum legal requirements to do so. This can mean an unlicensed person, selling vehicles for profit, as well as a licensed dealer who is selling vehicles at a location where they are not licensed to do so. Victims of Curbstoning are often left with complications such as expensive repairs, issues with rolled back odometers, and are sometimes left without proper paperwork to process their titles and get their tags. Often in these curbstoning environments, criminal activity has been reported such as fraud, deception, auto theft and even assault or worse. In an effort to better inform dealers, consumers, and even police officers about Curbstoning and how to stop it, GIADA has teamed up with Georgia Police to combat this all too common illegal activity. At the forefront of this mission, GIADA has teamed up with Lieutenant Jim Price from the Gwinnett County Police Department and Officer Brandon Pledger from the Rome Police Department.

Their efforts have taken them to Police Departments across the state to teach other officers about Curbstoning and what they can do to protect their communities from this harmful and illegal practice. As a thank you for their service, GIADA presented Service Appreciation Awards to Lt. Price & Ofc. Pledger at their recent Convention & CE Seminar where both Lt. Price & Ofc. Pledger gave a presentation to over 500 dealers on this topic. The response was overwhelming, dealers were overjoyed to learn that there was hope for stopping this activity.

From Rome City Police