Three correctional officers at Hays State Prison were assaulted by inmates during a riot on June 7th.
Reports said that correctional officers Benjamin Weeks, Nathan Brown, and Jeffrey Tipton were assaulted around 10:40 p.m. in dorm B-2 at the prison by 30 year-old inmate Kevin Brumfield.
Reports went on to say that Brumfield allegedly punched correctional officers Weeks and Brown.  Brumfield then allegedly proceeded to get a broom and hit Weeks in the torso.
Inmate Jonathan Jones, 29, is also accused of striking correctional officer Weeks and then placing him in a headlock.
A third inmate Vassan Roe, 26, is accused of punching officer Tipton in the back of the head and then throwing him to the ground. Roe then used his knee to strike officer Weeks in the face, according to a report.
All three prisoners were charged with battery, obstruction of an officer, and rioting or causing unrest in a penal institution.