Adventist Health System (AHS), which includes Gordon Hospital, has been named a 2017 Gallup Great Workplace Award winner. This marks the seventh consecutive year that AHS and its facilities have received the award, which recognizes organizations for their extraordinary ability to create engaged workplace cultures.

“We are proud to be part of an organization that values and engages its employees. At Gordon Hospital, we are thankful to have such highly engaged, enthusiastic and compassionate employees, as we know that these factors contribute to an enhanced experience and improved care delivery for the patients we serve,” said Pete Weber, president/CEO for Gordon Hospital.

According to Gallup, organizations with highly engaged workforces can grow at a rate that is 4.3 times greater than their competitors. Gallup’s research links employee engagement to various performance outcomes, finding that companies in the top quartile have higher productivity, fewer safety and quality incidents, lower absenteeism, and lower turnover.

Jeni Hasselbrack, who has worked at Gordon Hospital for 12 years, believes the focus on engaging employees has been pivotal to fostering a positive culture and work environment.

“Having engaged employees leads us to having happy patients,” said Hasselbrack, “and having employees engaged in our mission is what allows us to extend the healing ministry of Christ to our community every day.”

To be considered for the award, organizations must administer an employee engagement survey to at least 50 respondents representing a census of the organization, receive a high, qualifying response rate and earn a qualifying score on Gallup’s Q12 employee engagement survey. A panel of Gallup workplace experts evaluates applicants and assesses them against criteria established by a comprehensive workplace study.

“The world’s top-performing organizations help lead the global economy by engaging their workforces,” said Jim Harter, Ph.D., Gallup’s chief scientist of workplace management and well-being. “Gallup’s Great Workplace Award winners understand the importance of employee engagement by making it a vital part of their organization and using it as a driving force to create real business outcomes.”