The Rome Police Department issued its first quarter traffic numbers this year, in while the number of accidents and DUI’s increased the number of injures decreased.

Reports said that year to date in 2017 police responded to 819 accidents with 257 injuries, and one fatality.   In 2016 those numbers were 764 accidents, 334 injuries and no deaths.

The number of DUI arrest in 2017 was listed at 109, compared to 72 during the same time in 2016.

Reports also said that the number of DUI related accidents doubled in 2017 to 23 from 11 in 2016.

In terms of revenue for Rome, the city has collected $587,057.67 compared to $566,697.05, an increase  just over of $20,360.

What are the causes of accidents in 2017? The Report list following too closely at 62, improper lane change at 32, failure to yield at 31, running a stop signal at 4, DUI at 4 and other at 90.

When does the most accidents occur?  The Report said that there were 49 accidents on Sunday, 97 on Monday, 99 on Tuesday,  94 on Wednesday, 111 on Thursday, 117 on Friday and 68 on Saturday.  Those numbers run February – April.

Finally, the most common time for a wreck to occur was leaving from work and heading home.  The least time for an accident to occur was late evening.