Two Lyerly men in their early twenties got lost looking for Corpsewood Manor on Tuesday.

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader told AM 1180 that the two men were supposed to meet some other hikers on Tuesday morning to hike up to Corpsewood and the two ended up lost until early evening.

The sheriff said that the two men arrived about two hours before the other hikers, around 10 AM, and started off on their own.  Sheriff Schrader said that twenty-one-year-old Derrick Tyler Knowles and twenty-two-year-old Steven Webber – both of Lyerly – parked near the old picnic area on the south side of the mountain.

Sheriff Schrader said that the two men had no hiking gear, no food and no water.  They became lost and spent the better part of Tuesday wandering in the woods on the ridge.

About 5 PM the two had made their way nearly to Walker County close to West Armuchee Road.  Knowles and Webber called 911 for help.  The call went to Walker County 911, and they transferred the call to Chattooga 911.

Sheriff Schrader said that his department picked up the two men and transported them back to their vehicle around 6:30 PM.

Aside from being tired from a day of hiking – both men were fine.

From AM 1180