A Floyd County investigator was recognized this week by area civic groups for her fortitude and in the investigation of child crimes. She was also recognized for her part in rescuing two children who were being abused by their parents and family friends.

Sgt. Ojilvia Lom is a 16-year veteran of the Floyd County Police Department and has spent the last nine years investigating only crimes against children. In 2016 alone she investigated 93 reports of child abuse and was able to clear all but six cases.
She arrested a Lindale couple last year for numerous offenses including child molestation for their aggravated offenses of abusing their children and offering friends access to their young children during “dope parties.”
“Sgt. Lom has developed the strength, fortitude and tough skin needed to endure the things she has to observe and witness, all while keeping a well-balanced life with herself and family,” said Major Jeff Jones, commander of the criminal investigative division of FCPD.
Because of Sgt. Lom’s heart and her desire to keep the children of Floyd County safe, she is not only an asset to the department, but also to the citizens of Floyd County,” Jones said.