Across the state last week local school systems hosted their own Georgia Future Educators Signing Day. The Floyd County Schools College and Career Academy was proud to participate in this special event. This initiative provided the opportunity to recognize high school students who have decided to dedicate their service in the field of education. Seniors at the FCS College and Career Academy in the Teaching as a Profession (TAP) pathway signed with Georgia Highlands College, Shorter University, and University of Georgia. These students have been in the TAP pathway for 2 years, working in classrooms across our system. They have had the opportunity to work in elementary and middle school classroom, completing internships, and spending more than 275 hours observing and working with children and teachers in our local schools. Students in the TAP pathway also have an opportunity to earn credit for 2 college classes. So, by the end of the two years they have enough experience to make a solid decision about the career they have chosen. While the agreement the students signed was not a legal, binding agreement, it was a great way to express their commitment to my future career pathway.


We are so thankful to Dr. Norma Harper, Dean of the School of Education at Shorter University, Dr. Don Green, President of Georgia Highlands College, and Dr. Todd Jones, Campus Dean at Georgia Highlands College, for their participation in the ceremony and for welcoming these amazing young people into their schools. We are also grateful to the parents and grandparents who were able to attend and for their constant support of their children. It was an amazing day and truly warmed our hearts to see these young men and women follow their own hearts to make a difference in the world and in the lives of Georgia’s future youth