Anheuser-Busch in Cartersville announced this week that it will invest $12.7 million into its local brewery.

The investment is part of a $500 million capital expenditure investment that will go to facilities across the U.S in 2017.

The company added that by 2020 it will invest close to $2 billion in its facilities.

As far as the Cartersville plant goes, the company plans to install new multi-packers to diversify packaging capabilities and install programming and metering devices to increase energy efficiency.

According to officials, prior to the new packer the plant was limited in what types of products they could run.  The new packer will allow the plant to pack different sizes of cans at once.

The Cartersville plant is one of only 21 throughout the United States.   The facility was built in 1993 and produces nearly 7 million barrels a year.