Emmett Joe Summerise, 57 of Cave Spring, was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly stalked and attacked a 49 year-old woman at a nursing home on River Street.

Reports stated that Summerise caused physical harm to the woman after he grabbed her by the shirt and shoved her to the ground.  Authorities said that the woman was left with red marks and a scratch on her chest.

Reports went on to say that after the victim went to the ground Summerise began to kick her in the upper left thigh.

Police added that Summerise called the victim a “bi***”  and law enforcement “mother fuc****” in the presence of others.

While being arrest officers said that Summerise began to act in a violent and tumultuous manner.

The victim, which was the caretaker of the home, also had a protection order against Summerise.

Summerise is charged with aggravated stalking, battery, disorderly conduct and obstruction of law enforcement.