The Rome Police Department is seeing an increase in fraud/ scam reports. There are a variety of these scams but recently these are the scams that we are seeing:

– Phone Scams –
These scams can be very dynamic and can be very believable. A good rule of thumb for these phone scams is “if it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.” If you receive a phone call being threatened with a fine or jail time hang up. Look up the company or agency contact information in the phone book or their website then contact them via the number you found. Let them know about the phone call you received and ask if the information is true, more than likely it will not be.
Also be wary about providing your account information, credit/ debit card information, or personal information out via telephone or on the internet. The majority of companies or agency’s will not ask you for this information over the telephone. If you do not feel comfortable with a phone call, hang up!

– Rental Property Scams –
When looking for rental property, especially online, please take additional steps to verify that the individual claiming to own the property actually does own the property. We have seen multiple reports that advertisements for property that are legitimately for sale or for rent being cloned by someone who does not own the property in an attempt to get payment from someone interested in the property.